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Goodview Baptist Church
Existing to develop passionate
followers of Jesus Christ.

The Church is now offering an "On Line Bill Pay" option for tithes offerings and special giving.

You pay your utilities on line now you can give your tithes and offerings the same way.

Simply Log on to your bank's website and request that a check be sent to
Goodview Baptist Church
P.O. Box 41
Goodview, VA 24095
Our treasurer will create a tithing envelope for you when we receive the check so that you will continue to get a break on your taxes. The money will go into the general fund unless you designate where you would like it to go. It is not necessary to generate multiple checks if you want your offering spread over more than one ministry. Simply put in the notation the name of the ministries and the amounts. This is so simple, even the secretary could do it! However, being a creature of habit, she enjoys living in her cave and will continue to write a check each time. So, if you want to continue with the check writing practice, go right ahead! If you have any questions, contact our treasure, Kathy Duvall, at 890-7292.


Thanks for taking the time to visit our website. As you browse around our site, we hope you get a taste of what Goodview Baptist Church is all about. From our beliefs, to our services, and our many activities, our desire is to develop passionate followers of Jesus Christ.

We hope you enjoy your tour of our church and if we can ever be of assistance to you or your family, please feel free to contact us.

     May God's blessing be yours,

               Pastor Joey


Upcoming Events

Crafty Chatters
11/ 18/ 2014  

Deacon's Meeting
11/ 20/ 2014  

Baby Dedication
11/ 23/ 2014  

Crafty Chatters
12/ 02/ 2014